You read it right! Humans have two “brains” and two “genomes.”

There are ten times more microorganisms in our intestinal tract than cells in the entire human body (30-100 trillion). Why?

Research has uncovered a large number of health factors and functionalities of the body directly linked to the presence of the intestinal biome. Some factors are so important that they rival the “grey matter brain” and the genome itself. Considering how much you can impact this biome, you will recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t miss this eye-opening presentation. It could actually change your life.

Presenter: Gary


We strongly recommend that Forum members who were not present watch these videos. It is not an exaggeration to say that it could change – maybe even save – your life.

Also, here are the titles of three of the books Gary showed and strongly recommend, his favorite being #1:

  1. “The Microbiome Solution” by Robyne Chutkin, MD
  2. “The Whole Brain” by Raphael Kellman, MD
  3. “The Psychobiotic Revolution” by Scott Anderson. It was from this book Gary had made hand-out copies.

Note: The local library has several other titles: search at