This evening, we will discuss some of the cyber threats you didn’t know existed - a follow up to the November presentation on Cybercrime & Cyber Security.

Most of this will be new to us, some of it is downright scary, but all of it is part of today’s life in cyber space, and we need to know what to DO about it.

This evening will be a moderated, free-flowing, no agenda, off-the-top-of-our-heads discussion guided by three presenters who cover most aspects of this field

And really, bring friends and neighbors - including tweens and teens.

If you have specific questions you want addressed, send a note to before Noon on Jan 10.

Presenters: Gary, Devin, Brant


  • Computer Privacy Overview (PDF) - a list of best practices gathered from past talks on computer privacy.
    • The applications recommended in the document listed above are PC-specific, so if you’re not on a Windows machine (Mac, Linux) search for equivalents on your platform.
    • A note on the recommended use of the encrypted email app ProtonMail – The benefits here of ProtonMail encrypting your emails – behind the scenes – will only work if both parties are using that email service and an associated app.
  • China’s Social Credit System - We touched on China’s program to “influence” their populace via a public social credit score system.
  • Web Tracking: What You Should Know About Your Privacy Online (PDF)