Tonight, we go back to the Slam concept, where everyone in attendance gets a chance to make 5-7 minute short introductions/presentations on something in the technology field they have come across, are curious about, don’t quite get, a book they have read or a video they have seen–anything they think might interest the Forum. It is always a lot of fun, and the most unusual things tend to come up. Not to be missed.

So come and be inspired - and have fun!

Presenter: anyone who wants to share something


Pamela presented “Project Mosul”, an effort to restore invaluable cultural artefact in digital format and 3D printed versions. Visit and watch a PBS video on “digital archaeology”.

Craig reminded the participants of the advantages of using the following apps:

Craig also showed and explained the TILE device (for tracking of ‘lost’ items).

Gary mentioned

  • the technology behind the new “Sun In The Box” energy storage system
  • the Electronic Pill that can record and transmit diagnostic information from your body to your phone.

Mark D explained the idea behind “get a container” for living/housing (see Our Desert Nest, a container home being built in Cave Creek). If you want one for your mother-in-law, see 10 Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Buy A Shipping Container.

Also, Mark explained progress in the field of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) and mentioned that:

  • Qi controllers built into most WPT systems
  • More and more silicon companies (Intel, Analog Devices) are announcing products. Different systems will be shown at CES2018.

Torben showed MIT’s Solid State Airplane (PDF) that has NO moving parts.