Human Trafficking

Today’s Slavery

Human Trafficking is the third largest criminal endeavor in the world. Despite more than 30 million people losing their identities and freedom, law enforcement has been unable to halt this insidious disease. Those who are trafficked are forced into prostitution, unpaid labor and villainous behavior. [Read More]

Intelligent Robots: Friend or Foe?

Will We Be Outsmarted?

This week’s discussion concerns the economic, social, ethical, and public safety challenges related to our ever-increasing advances in robotics and artificial intelligence. Autonomous and non-autonomous robots have the potential to bring about a lot of good for society (caring for the sick and elderly, enabling the disabled, increasing our lifespans and allowing a surgeon to perform surgery from a distance to name just a few) but many of us fear that without adequate control, these machines can pose a threat not just to our livelihoods but to our species. Come see some of the latest advances in robotic technology and... [Read More]
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Future of Health

Life Without Diseases

Medicine is rapidly becoming information technology, bringing it from science fiction to science fact. Developments like robotic surgery, computer diagnosing, lab-grown replacement organs, and death being optional are well underway. And as genetics, robotics, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence come together, the results may be here much sooner than we think and be more dramatic than we can even fathom. [Read More]