Future of Food

How To Feed A Hungry Planet

With nearly 7 billion people to feed, growing to 9 billion by 2050, we face a serious food shortage. Mostly, this is an issue of protein. Conventional meat production–cattle, pigs, and poultry–require resources in terms of land and water that will not be available in the future, and environmental waste problems and air pollution add to the problem. [Read More]


Man-Machine Hybrids

It is right out of a sci-fi movie: A human that is more machine than biology. Science has made great strides towards that objective and the field is accelerating with more innovations every day. It seems OK with an artificial limb controlled by the brain or a computer, but what about mechanical organs, artificial blood, lungs, etc.? When do we stop being humans? Come and weigh in on this important issue. [Read More]

Future of Transportation

Are We There Now? Driverless Vehicles

Driverless cars have captured the attention of the public. The idea is both fascinating and scary and holds huge positive perspectives and some less attractive. Driverless cars have already recorded millions of miles on the road; but a few accidents have made headlines. Would you sit in a driverless Uber car? a driverless bus? Why or why not? [Read More]

Can We Reverse Global Warming?

Nearing The Tipping Point

No one may have a definitive answer to that question. Some might claim we don’t have human-caused warming but natural climate change that will reverse automatically. But what do we know about the status of the global warming and what could be done to reverse the trend? Since most of us won’t be around by the time it is critical, we may not care. But how about our children and grandchildren? When they ask us why we didn’t do anything when we could, what will we answer? [Read More]
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