Experts predict that more and more jobs of all types will be lost to innovation, automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics in the coming years.

UBI (Universal Basic Income) has been proposed not only as a way for society to cope with increasing numbers of unemployed and homeless, but as a possible solution to poverty in general. UBI consists of a monthly payment of unconditional money to all citizens in a society, the purpose of which is to ensure that they have enough money to provide at least basic necessities for themselves. This program will look at both past and current experiments with UBI by various governments, and explore some of the details about how such a program might work.

Critics point out the disincentive to work, but with AI-based robots possibly creating unemployment levels of 70-80% two decades from now, it may be the only way people can live‚Äďand society can function.

Can it work? Is this the ultimate socialist idea? Have anyone even tried this?

Presenter: Gary