Tech Slam

The Floor Is Yours

In the format of the popular Poetry Slams, Big Ideas Forum turns into Tech Slam for an evening: Each volunteering participant gets 5 minutes to introduce a book, an article, a film, a TV feature, a web posting or any other source of information that has caught your attention in the past month. We will discuss this “breaking tech news” for an additional 5 minutes, and maybe select one of the subject for a future BIF event. [Read More]


Building Your Own Body Parts

3D printing has attracted media attention with products from small plastic devices to big items like cars and houses. Now, science has achieved remarkable success in printing human organs from our own cells which work not only in the lab but in humans. We will soon be able to create banks of human spare parts. [Read More]

Brain-Machine Interface

The Matrix Is Becoming Reality

The ultimate application of AI is to connect the human brain to a hard disk. The goal is to be able to upload and download information between the two media. It would expand the capacity of human “knowledge” to the near infinite. But what else does it do? How about emotions? Or ethics? As we are getting closer to mastering this technologically? Are we ready socially? [Read More]

Swarm Intelligence

Better Decisions

Swarm intelligence is part of the general “crowd wisdom” phenomenon known in nature among ants, bees, starlings, sardines and other fauna species. Artificial intelligence and robots are now being combined into new products that are self-learning and self-organizing and with algorithms that make swarms better decision makers than individuals and even experts. [Read More]