Can We Reverse Global Warming?

Nearing The Tipping Point

No one may have a definitive answer to that question. Some might claim we don’t have human-caused warming but natural climate change that will reverse automatically. But what do we know about the status of the global warming and what could be done to reverse the trend? Since most of us won’t be around by the time it is critical, we may not care. But how about our children and grandchildren? When they ask us why we didn’t do anything when we could, what will we answer? [Read More]
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Transparent But Anonymous Interaction

The Blockchain technology will fundamentally transform the institutions our societies are built upon. Because the Blockchain technology powers the digital currency Bitcoin, it will not only affect how business is being made, but also our legal systems. Ultimately, the effect of the Blockchain technology will be much more far reaching. It will also transform governance, healthcare, education, and various other pillars of our societies. [Read More]