Join us for Big Ideas Coffee.

EVERY TUESDAY at 7:00 AM at Amped Coffee 1

Big Ideas started over a cup of coffee back in 2015, and we have met just about every week since then. It has grown into a mini-forum with a varying number of people. We have fun, get inspired and – as alway – get informed. It’s not alway about science and technology; it can be anything – but it is always fun-filled and inspiring.

Everyone is welcome. You can come at 7 or when it suits you, but we rarely stay much longer than 8:45-ish.

The Coffee is as great as the ideas - the best way to start the day is with an Amped cup of coffee and some big ideas.

See you there!

Oh! And if you don’t see any “forum members” when you get there, don’t forget to look upstairs.

  1. Amped Coffee is located behind Circle K on the north-east corner of Anthem Way and Gavilan Peak (close to Ace Hardware store).