In the format of the popular Poetry Slams, Big Ideas Forum turns into Tech Slam for an evening: Each volunteering participant gets 5 minutes to introduce a book, an article, a film, a TV feature, a web posting or any other source of information that has caught your attention in the past month. We will discuss this “breaking tech news” for an additional 5 minutes, and maybe select one of the subject for a future BIF event.

Our first tech slam event was one of our best meetings in the last season. Everyone shared something they had read, seen, or heard about… or just found fascinating. The idea is that each participant makes brief (~5 minutes), informal, no pressure, no-slides-necessary introductions to a subject of his/her choice. Although there is no pressure to make an actual introduction, we learned that everyone found it refreshing–and above all–it was fun and refreshing. Don’t miss this evening.

A few words about TECH SLAM may be in order:

  • Dubbed after the (once) popular Poetry Slams (edit: they are still popular) where anyone interested in reciting a poem is given a chance to stand up and do so (max. 5 minutes on a stopwatch - harder than you think!), TECH SLAM is a group-event where we all can present an idea/subject that interests us. It could be something we have read, heard, seen on TV or a TED Talk, etc. and that you would like the forum to explore further. Or it could be something you are just curious about but not necessarily know a lot about.
  • If you volunteer to give a 5 minute intro–no mic, no formality, no standing in front of the forum unless you want to–you will most likely prompt a lively discussion… and we may decide to put the subject on the agenda for a more extensive discussion*. That doesn’t mean YOU have to do that presentation, although it does benefit the idea of the forum if many do.
  • The last time we had a TECH SLAM, we had one of our best events. So, put your thinking cap on; Oct. 9 is just around the corner and the night before may be too late to be creative.
  • As always, share this with friends and neighbors. And don’t forget the teens/young adults; it’s their future we are discussing.

Presenter: anyone who wants to share something


  • Mark introduced the Raspberry Pi – an affordable micro-computer with multiple ways to utilize this fun piece of equipment.
  • John introduced Solar Roadways.
  • Pam introduced a new book Pandora’s Lab by Paul Offit, M.D. which promises to be an interesting read and will be available via our library…put it on hold now!
  • Gary introduced updated information about how drones are being utilized and reminded us of the exponential advancement of technology.
  • Brant introduced Google Clips (camera with AI that captures ‘moments’) and new technology allowing us to look around corners.
  • Torben introduced a way of using condensation to create energy and talked about how algorithms can influence our lives. (He also brought up the interesting idea of the Colorado River suing people!)