Virtual Reality (or in its more advanced form, Augmented Reality (AR)) is a field within AI which aim at presenting 3D visual inputs in such a realistic way that the viewer feels like they are “there.” It has a huge application already in the entertainment industry, and it has huge potential in remaking education, in bringing us to places we would never be able to go (Mt. Everest or Mars), and even in bringing news from around the world to us–not on a TV but on VR glasses–as real as if were eye witnesses ourselves.

But walking into the Grand Canyon by using a VR viewer is not the same as actually walking into Grand Canyon. Our minds like being fooled, but are we forgetting there is a “real reality” out there?

The ideas surrounding this technology have been around for decades, but it’s only been recently that advancements in the miniaturization of sensors, of low-cost, high-resolution displays, and of computational power sufficient for rendering a convincing visual experience, have allowed this technology to bridge across to the mainstream.

Virtual Reality has the potential to completely change our perception of what is real. Join us and contribute your thoughts to this important conversation.

Presenter: Torben