Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, have become part of our everyday life, mostly in food products. And they seem to become more and more widely used.  

Is it as good an idea as proponents claim, or should we be as careful as the opponents claim?

Following a very brief presentation about the science behind GMOs, “a proponent” and “an opponent” will present ‘for and against’ arguments (not necessarily their own). Based on this, the forum will take over the discussion, weigh in on the arguments, and come up with new ones.

This is a new format for our meetings (that we may occasionally use for controversial issues). The two presenters present viewpoint for and against GMO. They do not engage in a ‘duel’ on arguments and they may not even endorse the view points they present–that is up to the rest of us.

Join us in making it a stimulating and fun debate, in being informed, and in sharing your opinions.

Presenter: Torben & Marcia