Text-to-music AI is a technology that uses advanced algorithms to create music from written words. It has applications in various fields, including music composition, film and TV soundtracks, education, and therapy. While it offers many benefits, such as the ability to generate original and personalized music, it also raises ethical considerations around the use of AI in creative endeavors. Nonetheless, text-to-music AI presents exciting possibilities for the future of music, and its development is something worth keeping an eye on.

We continue our survey of current trends in AI by looking into several of these applications. Join us!


Here are three links from the presentations and discussions:

So, we tested some of these new AI apps. To illustrate the process, here’s an example:

We entered the first two stanzas of a song we already had. Then we used Melobytes to create a song and this is what it created in less than 20 secs!

…and it even wrote out the score!