When was the last time you were asked to propose an entirely new U.S. Tax Code? Uh? Yes, we know… it’s been a while 🤪

We are all taxpayers, we all pay too much, and we all think the system is broken. That resonates with 90% of the population, regardless of what they do pay. And no one does anything about it, beyond complaining. But Big Ideas at least will try.

The result of this evening’s event will not be the final answer, and it may never reach the ears of an influential lawmaker, yet who knows. But it will illustrate to all of us a lot about what could be done and what the consequences could be.

NOTE: This is not a political discussion in the sense that we will NOT discuss what the government spends the tax revenues on, whether it should cut back or expand, etc. The aim is to formulate a system (a model) that could work (that is: generate the same tax revenue as the current system), and discuss the pros and cons.

We will send out a tax model that shows the 2019 IRS tax revenue break down which will be the starting point for the discussion. Bob will guide this effort, that already in its planning has shown interesting and surprising results.

So, join us for this big idea - it is a $3.8 Tn big idea!

Presenter: Bob