With nearly 7 billion people to feed, growing to 9 billion by 2050, we face a serious food shortage. Mostly, this is an issue of protein. Conventional meat production–cattle, pigs, and poultry–require resources in terms of land and water that will not be available in the future, and environmental waste problems and air pollution add to the problem.

But there are an abundance of two food sources that are commonly used in the developing world but nearly unknown and definitely unused in the West (where we have the highest food consumption per capita), and they both come with better nutritional characteristics: They are seaweed and insects.

“Yuck” is a learned reaction. We will discuss if we can afford to turn up our nose at sources that can solve the food shortage problem in the future, and we will take a peek at the many excellent food products already made from these two sources. Bon Appetit!

Presenter: Torben