Rest in Peace!

This evening, we will discuss some of the cyber threats you didn’t know existed - a follow up to the November presentation on Cybercrime & Cyber Security. Most of this will be new to us, some of it is downright scary, but all of it is part of today’s life in cyber space, and we need to know what to DO about it. [Read More]

Tech Slam

The Floor is Yours

Tonight, we go back to the Slam concept, where everyone in attendance gets a chance to make 5-7 minute short introductions/presentations on something in the technology field they have come across, are curious about, don’t quite get, a book they have read or a video they have seen–anything they think might interest the Forum. It is always a lot of fun, and the most unusual things tend to come up. Not to be missed. [Read More]

3D Printing

and more

Tonight, we will take a look (again) at 3D printing, but we will make this emerging technology come alive right in front of your eyes: a 3D printer will create a product while we are together! A first for many of us. [Read More]

Cities of the Future

As an ever increasing part of the world’s population are concentrated in cities, a number of questions are critical for the quality of life of billions of people. The participants will discuss why people want to live in an increasingly stressed environment, and the presenter will raise two questions: [Read More]

Cyber Crime

Is Everything Being Hacked?

We looked at this troubling area in the Fall of 2015, but as everyone knows, much has happened since then. Our exposure is increasing, and cyber crime is getting more and more sophisticated. In this presentation, we will look at recent developments, examples, and “What can we do about it?” This is an evening you do not want to miss. [Read More]