Energy III

New Research

This presentation is an extension of a previous program where new technology (or old technology in new applications) were discussed. Tonight, we will get a look into some of the projects and ideas that are being worked at Stanford. Our lives are so dependent on energy in various forms that any progress will have an impact on how we live, work, and play. [Read More]

Disruptive Technologies

What Makes Some Technologies Disruptive?

Disruption is a buzz word often used in articles and media reports to characterize the accelerating developments in new technologies. But what are they exactly? Are all new technologies disruptive if they develop fast? If not, why are some of them disruptive and others not? How do they progress? Can we even predict them? Are there examples we can learn from? And most puzzling: Why are excellent companies most vulnerable to disruptions? [Read More]

Tech Slam

The Floor is Yours

Tonight, we go back to the Slam concept, where everyone in attendance gets a chance to make 5-7 minute short introductions/presentations on something in the technology field they have come across, are curious about, don’t quite get, a book they have read or a video they have seen–anything they think might interest the Forum. It is always a lot of fun, and the most unusual things tend to come up. Not to be missed. [Read More]