Synthetic Biology

Reinventing Nature and Ourselves

Terms like Cell Cultivation, Stem Cells, and CRISPR-Cas9 appear more and more often in the media, but one field is so new that it is still under the radar: Synthetic biology – the science of creating “life forms” from scratch in the laboratory, including life forms that have never existed before. We will take a look at how far scientists have come and what it holds for the future… and what we might love or hate about it. [Read More]

Tech Slam

The Floor is Yours

In this recurring program, anyone who attends tonight has a 6-7 min window to present something that might have caught their attention, something they have wondered about, a book we all should know about, etc. Formal presentations with slides and videos or getting up in front of the forum are not required. The purpose is to share ideas… but mind you: 6-7 min is a lot less time than you think! [Read More]