Synthetic Biology

Creating Life in The Lab

Synthetic biology is not only about human genetics. It aims at animal husbandry, microbiology, and even the environment and computers (no kidding here) just to name three important ones. While we embrace the significant advancements in diagnosing and treatment of diseases and improvements in other aspects of our lives, most also stop and wonder where it may takes us… and if that is where we want ‘to be.’ [Read More]


The Hidden Pollution

We have long known that plastic debris on land and in the ocean is a huge problem. But it is generally not known that the slow degradation of plastic leaves particles small enough to penetrate the cells of marine animals and never disappear. As part of the food chain, humans are exposed to a threat far larger than anticipated. [Read More]
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Underwater Colonization

Running out of Space

By 2040, we need to find room on Earth for 9-10 billion people. Space exploration is one option. Another is colonizing the oceans. After all, 3/4 of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. There are many ideas for both surface and sub-surface colonies, and such colonization may well be a faster and cheaper way than space colonization. [Read More]

Cutting Edge Technology (MIT)

The New Way of Making Things

In this program, we will “go inside” the MIT Center for cutting edge technologies (the “Center for Bits and Atoms”) and see how researchers are putting devices together–literally atom by atom–to make things that no one yet knows what to use for… truly a mind-blowing endeavor that will challenge us to even grasp what it actually takes to bring forth products and processes we don’t see until they are completed and put on the market. [Read More]

Tech Slam

The Floor Is Yours

In the format of the popular Poetry Slams, Big Ideas Forum turns into Tech Slam for an evening: Each volunteering participant gets 5 minutes to introduce a book, an article, a film, a TV feature, a web posting or any other source of information that has caught your attention in the past month. We will discuss this “breaking tech news” for an additional 5 minutes, and maybe select one of the subject for a future BIF event. [Read More]