Tech Slam

The Floor Is Yours

In the format of the popular Poetry Slams, Big Ideas Forum turns into Tech Slam for an evening: Each volunteering participant gets 5 minutes to introduce a book, an article, a film, a TV feature, a web posting or any other source of information that has caught your attention in the past month. We will discuss this “breaking tech news” for an additional 5 minutes, and maybe select one of the subject for a future BIF event. [Read More]


Transportation by Levitation

Transportation is rapidly becoming a high-tech industry. Self-driving cars will soon be on the streets, but mass transportation is the next big step. There are high speed trains in many parts of the world but Elon Musk’s hyperloop project, with underground corridors on both the East and West coast, has gained much attention and test runs are well underway. We will discuss what impact it may have on the future of transportation, city planning, etc. [Read More]

Singularity of Genetics

Humans v2.0

In this presentation, we will take a quick look at how far genetics have come in the past few years. New developments are announced almost weekly across a broad range of areas, raising hope about solutions of intractable problems on one side but raising fear about tampering with nature beyond our control. [Read More]