AI, Robots, and the Future of Jobs


  1. “US is on the brink of economic and social upheaval due to automation putting people out of work.” Blue ribbon panel report presented to President Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

  2. What’s different this time: Exponential acceleration, Cognitive Capability. Machine Learning and Decision Making. Thinking, learning, adapting.

  3. 40% of robots today are in auto industry. “45% of jobs disappear in twenty years.” Elon Musk predicts AI will equal or exceed human intelligence in twenty years.

  4. ROUTINE, REPETITIVE, PREDICTABLE tasks are the jobs most easily eliminated. Lawyers, Surgeons, Radiologists, Pharmacists??? -How reconcile same number of bank tellers today as when the ATM was introduced.

  5. Human skills presently thought beyond scope of AI: Empathy, Creativity, Intuition, Critical Thinking.

  6. Issue of universal basic income is a core or peripheral issue, depending on expert, to the notion of AI and meaningful work. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as well.

Suggested YouTube videos on the subject:

“The Future of Work: Robots, AI and Automation” - Darrell West, Brookings Institution

“How we will earn money in a future without jobs” - Martin Ford

“The big debate about the future of work, explained”.

“Will automation take away our jobs?” - David Autor

Relevant Reading

“Possible Minds: 25 ways of Looking at AI” - John Brockman

“Rise of the Robots” - Martin Ford

“Prediction Machines, The Simple Economics of AI”

“The Future of Work: Robots, AI and Automation” - Darrell West

Top 15 Jobs at risk of disappearing

  1. Drivers (20 million today)
  2. Farmers
  3. Printers & Publishers
  4. Cashiers (8 million today)
  5. Travel Agents (How many left now??)
  6. Manufacturing Workers
  7. Dispatchers
  8. Waiting Tables/ Bartending
  9. Bank Tellers
  10. Military Pilots and Soldiers
  11. Fast Food Workers ($15/hr demand accelerate?)
  12. Telemarketers
  13. Accountants and Tax Preparers (1.3 M average $60k)
  14. Stock Traders
  15. Construction Workers
  16. Movie Stars????? (Adapt to Avatars??)

Top 15 Jobs that will increase with AI/Robots

  1. Robot Manufacturer & Service Management
  2. Raw Materials Management
  3. Big Data & AI Scientists
  4. Artificial Bodies Manufacturer
  5. Esports
  6. Psychologist and Therapist
  7. Gene Designer for babies and Pets
  8. Virtual World Designer
  9. Cybersecurity & Private Data Storage
  10. Entertainment
  11. Real Estate Developer
  12. Biochemistry and Tech Engineers
  13. Private Services for the Rich
  14. Elderly Care & End-of-Life Mgmt
  15. Small jobs not worth automating.
  16. Anyone in top 10% of any field