In this recurring program, anyone who attends tonight has a 6-7 min window to present something that might have caught their attention, something they have wondered about, a book we all should know about, etc. Formal presentations with slides and videos or getting up in front of the forum are not required. The purpose is to share ideas… but mind you: 6-7 min is a lot less time than you think!

It’s fun, it’s informal, it’s fast moving. Be there!


The energy was back in the room with active participants and many answered and some unanswered questions.

The evening started with a warmup trivia. For the curious, see slide #2 in attached Tech Slam slides (point #3 below).

  1. Main subject: Digital currencies. Bob presented the U.S. Fed’s plans to implement a digital currency. Discussion demonstrated a big interest in the subject, and it will be the main theme of the March TECH SLAM*

    Also, check out and search under “cbdctracker.”

  2. John presented rat research studies that document the benefit of regular exercise on cognitive capacity (potentially preventing/delaying dementia).

  3. Torben explained:

    1. progress in nerve channel repair and
    2. how a patient got a genetically modified pig heart.

    Background information below.