EVERYONE talks about the weather! So why not MindQuest?

Do we or don’t we… have climate warming - and if so, is fossil fuel causing it?

We are all familiar with the signs of a warming planet: Violent weather, wildfires, melting glaciers/ice sheets and, of course, days that seem warmer than ever before. This leads us to assume three things:

  • unusual weather events are the result of a warming climate
  • warming climate is caused by the rise in atmospheric CO2 levels
  • the rise in atmospheric CO2 levels is caused by the use of oil and gas

So, the natural questions are: What should/can we do about it? Will we reach a tipping point?

In Thursday night’s presentation, we focus on these assumptions and questions. Colorado-based (Anthem snowbird) geologist Allen (Al) Heinrich will:

  1. walk us through the above points,
  2. explain how we can make sense of “climate data/observations/predictions,” and
  3. what the future climate may look like, all from a geological perspective.

Mind you, geology is not just about rocks; it is deep time history about how the Earth’s chemical/physical systems have operated and interacted throughout time—and still do. And as such, it provides an insight into how they may behave in the future.

A lot of this information will be new to most observers, so don’t miss this event.

Whichever way it goes, you’ll have to live with the weather . . . and you want to have something to keep talking about.

We hope to see you there.