In this recurring program, anyone who attends tonight has a 6-7 min window to present something that might have caught their attention, something they have wondered about, a book we all should know about, etc. Formal presentations with slides and videos or getting up in front of the forum are not required. The purpose is to share ideas… but mind you: 6-7 min is a lot less time than you think!

It’s fun, it’s informal, it’s fast moving. Be there!

Follow Up

Mark discussed new low-cost battery technology for long-term grid storage, how new reduced copper motors could boost motor efficiency, and new WiFi standards naming conventions.

Pamela mentioned an interesting PBS show on a “mud volcano” crisis in Indonesia.

David discussed concerns around the embedding of devices in the human body.

Syd mentioned a thin layer of sulfur found in the rock strata in Bryce Canyon and its connection to the asteroid impact that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Also mentioned was the BBS show on the meteor aftermath and the dinosaur extinction “The day the dinosaurs’ world fell apart” and the NOVA special “The Day the Dinosaurs Died” (NetFlix)

Torben showed a video of an interesting fly-by of Jupiter, a time-lapse video on the decrease in summer ice at the north pole, a map showing the extent of flooding in the midwest at the beginning of the year, and an interesting device for controlling objects with your mind.

Devon showed a clip with Neal deGrass Tyson.

Coming Up

  • Sept 26: Synthetic Biology
  • October 10: The Day After Tomorrow – another viewing of the video we showed and discussed last spring
  • October 24: Longevity