We have long known that plastic debris on land and in the ocean is a huge problem. But it is generally not known that the slow degradation of plastic leaves particles small enough to penetrate the cells of marine animals and never disappear. As part of the food chain, humans are exposed to a threat far larger than anticipated.

Join the debate of this important issue and offer your views on what we as individuals, what companies, and what authorities can do to solve this problem.

Presenter: Pam


For those who were not there, you missed a great evening. The room was close to full - and that was without 5-8 of the regulars not there, so we will ask for flexibility in getting a larger room in the future.

Attached, you’ll find the slides from the presentation. You will find a wealth of information, presented in a charming way with an artsy and philosophical slant.

It is highly recommended that you check out at least the two videos linked below:

Also, because this project was researched so extensively, we include a list of many relevant links to the subject (see above) - it’s worth your time to dig in to it. You will come away with a new appreciation about what role each one of us has in limiting polluting the Earth with plastic.