In this program, we will “go inside” the MIT Center for cutting edge technologies (the “Center for Bits and Atoms”) and see how researchers are putting devices together–literally atom by atom–to make things that no one yet knows what to use for… truly a mind-blowing endeavor that will challenge us to even grasp what it actually takes to bring forth products and processes we don’t see until they are completed and put on the market.

This is a night when we will all shake our heads and not be one bit embarrassed by not quite understanding what’s going on. Don’t let that hold you back… rather, make it a reason for being there!

Presenter: Mark H.


Thanks to Mark for a fascinating presentation on Adam Savage’s visit to the MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms. It sure made our heads spin, and for those of you who want a second spin–now that the Olympics are over–here are the links to the four segments–as well as Mark’s notes: