Forever is a long time. But from today’s perspective of 76-81 years lifespans, 200-500 years may seem like forever. Biotechnology and medical sciences has made head-spinning advances in the understanding of why we age, and what we possibly can do about it.

We will look at how close we are to realize the dream of eternal youth and debate whether or not that is a good idea at all. We all have a stake in it, so don’t miss this Pro-and-Con debate.

Presenter: Torben


(from Torben):

“Sam Harris, a very circumspect and visionary philosopher and scientist, who has numerous video clips/programs about AI. Those interested can easily find him on YouTube and TED Talks.”

Here’s a TED Talk by Biologist Elizabeth Blackburn who won the Nobel Prize for her work finding out answer to what makes our bodies age, our skin wrinkle, our hair turn white, our immune systems weaken? In other words, she discovered the telomerase. Learn more about Blackburn’s groundbreaking research, ncluding how we might have more control over aging than we think.